NHC Photographic Competition 2022

Fancy the chance for your photos to feature in National Hereford Club advertising, on our website and in the farming press online and in print? Then why not take part in the NHC Photographic Competition for 2022!



Photograph of an individual animal, either haltered or loose. Entries will be judged on the way in which they represent the animal to its best advantage considering position of the animal, angle of the shot, lighting and focus.


Photograph with more than one animal in the frame. Entries will be judged on their composition and framing of the subjects, and how they picture the group to their best advantage.


Featuring an animal or animals in an artful way. Entries will be judged on their ability to capture an interesting shot which is pleasing to the eye.


  1. Entries will only be accepted from members of the National Hereford Club. Click this link: nationalherefordclub.co.uk/join to join.

  2. Entries close on Monday 31st October 2022, and there will be no fee to enter.

  3. This competition is used to promote breeders of horned (or dehorned) Hereford cattle, and therefore entries must feature only horned (or dehorned) Hereford animals. We will unfortunately not be able to accept entries which include polled Herefords or cattle of other breeds. Entries featuring other species (including humans!) are acceptable, however, any entry which shows a person or persons under 18 years of age will require a parent or guardian’s approval prior to submission.

  4. Each exhibitor is limited to two entries per class. The name of the exhibitor is considered to be the photographer of that entry, and credit will be given to that person wherever possible.

  5. All photographs submitted must have been taken during the year 2022.

  6. Editing of photographs to adjust the brightness, contrast, colour saturation, etc. prior to submission is acceptable, as is the digital removal of a halter, show stick, sign, or other object from frame. However, any attempt to alter the appearance of an animal or animals by stretching, tilting, or otherwise digitally transforming the perspective of the shot in post-production will not be allowed.

  7. Cropping of the photograph is the responsibility of the entrant prior to submission; the version submitted to the competition will be considered the final copy and will be judged as such.

  8. By submitting an entry to this competition, the exhibitor is allowing the National Hereford Club to use the photograph at any time for any purpose, including, but not limited to: inclusion on/in the NHC website/social media/print advertising, and submission by the NHC to farming publications and the Hereford Cattle Society for use in promotional materials online and in print.

Judging will take place once entries have closed and a winner and runner up from each category will be announced on Friday 25th November, so get snapping, and best of luck!

Send your entries via email to Club Secretary Sarah Cook: alcroftcattle@hotmail.co.uk

(For very large files, please provide a link to Google Drive or Drop Box)

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