Club Secretary

Sarah Cook

Albany Farm, Fen End, Over, Cambridge CB24 5NE

 01954 232796


07771 333303


Treasurer & Entries Secretary

Sarah Cowle

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15 Station Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 4BW

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Officers of the Club

Nick Hewer.jpg

President - Mr Nick Hewer

The Club are delighted to welcome Nick Hewer as President for the ensuing year. Having researched his family history, Mr Hewer discovered that there may be a connection to the famous Hereford breeding Hewers who had such great influence on the deveopment of the breed, which could explain the marvellous paintings of Hereford cattle hanging in the breakfast room of Nick's family home as a child! Being located near NHC Member Bob Borwick's herd of cattle has piqued Mr Hewer's interest in Herefords and it has been wonderful to welcome him into the Club.

Philip Vincent.jpg

Chairman - Mr Philip Vincent

Philip and his wife, Laura, established Pulham Herefords in 2007. They first exhibited at the National Hereford Show in 2009 and have made the long trip from Norfolk ever since. Philip is passionate about promoting horned Hereford Cattle and the National Hereford Show. Philip was elected to the Hereford Cattle Society’s Council in 2017.

Tony Bradstock.jpg

Vice Chairman - Mr Tony Bradstock

Tony has been Vice-Chairman of the Club since 2010 and is also responsible for the National Hereford Show's cups and trophies. Tony’s family have been closely involved with the Club since it’s establishment. Tony’s Grandfather, Tom, was a founder member and his father Richard has stewarded at the Show and previously been the Club’s President. The Bradstock Family’s Free Town Herd have been one of the most successful herds at the Show, having won the most Overall Championships in the Show’s history – 6 Male and 4 Female.

Mike Church.png

Show Organiser - Mr Michael Church

Mike requires no introduction, having been the Show Organiser since 2010. Mike has also held the offices of Club Vice-Chairman and Chairman. Mike needs less to do in his 'retirement!', so the show organiser role has been split. Mike will be doing the pre-show organising and will be in attendance at the Show to advise us all. Prior to retirement, Mike was Farm Manager at AG Wright and Sons the owners of the Hermitage, Hillrow and in it’s later years the Badlingham herd. At their dispersal sale Mike purchased the foundation heifers for his daughter Karen’s Oldwest Herd.

Edward Lewis.png

Show Organiser - Mr Edward Lewis

Edward owns the Haven Herd of Hereford cattle, the oldest family run herd in the world. Edward’s family have been closely associated with the Club since it’s beginning, his father Leslie being one of the founder members. Edward has been coordinating sponsorship for the Show for many years and we are delighted that he has stepped into Mike’s “at the show” roles. Haven cattle have a great record at the Show, having won the Male Championship 9 times! Even though Edward’s day will be taken up with his new role, there will still be a strong presence from the Haven Herd, with his son Ben and stockman Mike Chandler exhibiting Haven cattle at the show.