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Promoting horned and

de-horned Hereford cattle

Open to all Hereford cattle enthusiasts, the National Hereford Club organises herd visits, workshops and an annual competitive cattle show to promote UK horned Hereford cattle and genetics to a worldwide audience.

Originally founded as a committee to oversee the organisation of the National Hereford Show, the Club of today aims also to encourage the breeding of horned genetics by including a yearly programme of activities alongside its flagship show, which boasts a superb line-up of Hereford cattle as well as a competitive Young Handlers section every year.

There is year-round availability of Hereford cattle for sale from our members and the Club can always advise prospective buyers on sourcing live animals, semen or embryos to best suit their needs, so please feel free to browse our Sale Room  and AI Directory listings or contact us for any further information.

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