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11 Horned-bred lots to attend HCBA Show & Sale

Looking for horned-bred Hereford bulls and females?

Check out these lots featuring in the HCBA Show & Sale at Worcester Market on 3rd May!

Full catalogue here:


Lot 4 Free Town Ajax (X) (DH)

Lot 6 HighHouse Azzuri (X) (DH)

Lot 7 HighHouse Anzio (X) (DH)


Lot 16 Haven Tiny 141st (X) (DH)

Lot 20 Leen Blackbird (X) (DH)

Lot 21 Leen Bitts (X)

Lot 22 Haven Louisa 104th (X) (DH)

Lot 23 Haven Curly 156th (X) (DH)

Lot 24 Leen Magpie (X)

Lot 26 Leen Budgie (X)

Lot 27 Leen Merlin (X) (DH)

Lot 4 Free Town Ajax (X) (DH)
Haven heifers - Lots 16, 22 and 23

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